About Us


Jemist Glamour Academy

We are a school of cosmetology with a excelent and complete studies program in cosmetology, we are the key to open the door to beauty world where our students will work in various areas of professional beauty, such as the medium of television and cinema, beauty and aesthetic salons, important brands of beauty products and important members of prestigious salons.

Why study with Us?

Because if you study with us, we guarantee a high level job with excellent remuneration and growth expectation in the short and medium term.

Our Mision

Is give you a training that guarantees professional success and exceptional development, our careers and study plans are created for people like you, who always like to be among the best.

Our Vision

to be one of the best schools in our country

The beauty is

  • jemistglamouracademy

    Beauty is an abstract notion linked to numerous aspects of human existence.

    Wilber, Rogers
  • jemistglamouracademy

    Beauty does not make the owner happy, but who can love and adore it

    Hermann Hesse
  • jemistglamouracademy

    Although we travel all over the world to find beauty, we must take it with us to be able to find it.

    Emerson , Jonhes